A Health 3.0 & Wellness Community
Connect and Learn Together.

Discover and learn personalized wellness approaches
with a hyper-curated community, AI assistance,
and clinical collaborators.

Self directed, Community supported.
[NFT Token-gated access]

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Theraday is Building

Tools to enable personalized health & wellness.
While we aren't announcing everything right now, we have
community tools that are immediately available to members.

  • Connecting People

    Our private, members-only community for holders of Theraday's digital NFTs enables hyper-curated connections to help you make friends quickly. Anon and doxxed members are welcome.

  • Learn Together

    Our community setup, features, and exclusive content help members rapidly learn personally-applicable information from each other and the latest clinical evidence.

  • AI Assistance

    While AI systems are still improving, they are delivering tangible value today. Theraday is exploring this value together with our community.

  • Provider Collaboration

    We enable efficient interactions with clinical providers to help you identify the best therapies and wellness plans for your personalized needs.

Clinical Providers

Are you a clinical provider or professional?
Join our community for exclusive access to provider-only lounges, content and benefits. Network with other clinicians and members in the community.